• Hoyo Monterreyes n°4

    The Hoyo de Monterrey Monterreyes N° 4 LE 2021 to be premiered in Sofia on June 29

    After the Cohiba 55 Aniversario, this Hoyo will be the second 2021 limited edition to be launched.   Kaliman Caribe, Habanos exclusive distributor in a dozen Eastern European countries (Bulgaria, Albania, Romania, ex-Yugoslavia…) will organize the worldwide launch of Hoyo de Monterrey Monterreyes N° 4 EL 2021 on June 29 in Sofia. This vitola (135 […]

  • New prices of Cuban cigars in Canada

    The increase announced by Habanos SA to its distributors came into effect two days ago. For many years as director of an important cigar shop, clients regularly asked “Is this cigar really worth $100?”.  The reply was always a variation of “It all depends on what $100 means to you.”  And so, cigar lovers occasionally […]

  • Pacific Cigar celebrated its 30th anniversary

    The Diplomáticos PCC 30th RE Asia-Pacific was premiered. The Pacific Cigar Company (PCC), exclusive distributor of Cuban cigars in some fifteen countries in the Asia-Pacific zone, celebrated its 30th anniversary on December 7 and 8 at the Kerry Hotel in Hong Kong. The 200 guests first had the Bolivar Silver Jubilee RE Hong Kong 2017, […]

  • habanos

    BREAKING Fresh general price increase on Cuban cigars

    Several distributors around the world are announcing price increases from January 1, 2023. Only a few months after a historic increase in its prices (see L’ADC English Edition #8 and #9), Habanos SA announces a new increase in the prices at which it supplies its cigars to exclusive distributors – which will have direct consequences […]

  • The new Quai d’Orsay N° 52 premiered in Paris

    This new vitola from the brand’s regular portfolio will be available in French cigar shops by the end of November. © Luc Monnet The venue for this evening, sublime, had not been chosen at random. The Hôtel de la Marine is not only located on the Place de la Concorde, therefore opposite the Quai d’Orsay […]

  • Quai d’Orsay N° 52 unveiled in Paris on Oct. 20

    This new vitola from the brand’s regular catalog will be premiered in France. Announced during the virtual Festival del Habano in spring 2021, the Quai d’Orsay N° 52 will enrich the brand’s regular catalog of “French Habano”, alongside Coronas Claro, N° 50 and N° 54. The invitations have been sent by Coprova (exclusive distributor of […]

  • EXCLUSIVE – The new Cuban cigars that will be featured at the next Festival del Habano

    L’Amateur de Cigare Magazine has obtained the list of new vitolas that will be announced by Habanos S.A. next February, during the XXIII Festival del Habano. The major event of the next Festival del Habano will be the launch of a premium line under the Partagás brand. Named Línea Maestra – and subject to the […]

  • Cohiba celebrates its 55th anniversary in extravagant 3-day Havana event

    The 3-day event was an initiative from the Cuban government as a way to help stimulate the struggling national economy. Antonio Marsillo, reports from Havana, Cuba (text and pictures) As a kind of replacement for the cancelled annual Habanos Festival in late February, the celebration of Cohiba 55th anniversary took place from September 7 to […]

  • EXCLUSIVE – A Cuban regional edition for the World Cup in Qatar

    The Juan Lopez Hat-Trick will be released in Qatar during the competition. Phoenicia, exclusive distributor of Cuban cigars in this area of ​​the globe, is preparing a Regional edition to mark the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, from November 21 to December 18. The Juan López “Exclusivo Qatar” will be called Hat-Trick, the “hat-trick” being […]

  • BREAKING General increase in the price of cigars in Cuban shops

    Imposed by Habanos SA on all distributors, the “world rates” have also applied in Cuban domestic market for a few days. The Cohiba Robustos is displayed at 63.15 USD, the Trinidad Vigia at 47.45 USD. Strong price increase also on the rest of the Habanos catalog. In accordance with what we announced exclusively on May […]

  • Ramon Allones Private Stock 230 RE Great Britain 2020 makes first appearance

    Hunters & Frankau, exclusive distributor of Cuban cigars in Great Britain, unveiled the regional edition at its trade show at the end of May. The Ramon Allones Private Stock 230 “Exclusivo Gran Bretania” will be a slightly shortened double corona (170 mm x 50, Partagas n° 16). It commemorates the 230th anniversary of Hunters & […]

  • EXCLUSIVE Cohiba “global prices” will also apply to the Cuban domestic market

    In Cuba, too, the sale prices of the most prestigious Cuban cigars will be aligned with the prices of Hong Kong, one of the most expensive countries in the world. There was still some doubt about the application of the new pricing strategy in the Cuban domestic market. The clarification we received from Habanos SA […]

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