A little bit of blues amidst the summer …?

Par supercigare,
le 16 August 2017

Why not decide to watch “Office” the latest film by Johnnie To?  For the cigar amateur, this name sounds familiar. In “The Sparrow”, a charming thriller-comedy shot in 2008, (to be seen again), the cigar was given a part of importance, no surprise: Johnnie To being himself an amateur. In “Office”, one smokes among other things cigars, one drinks good wine, but before all one plays and dances. Johnnie To goes around to directing musical and tells the adventures of the billion-dollar company Jones & Sunn going public, its leaders Ho Chung-ping (the ever-attractive Chow Yun -fat) and Winnie Cheung (the always-beautiful Sylvia Chang) and his two new hires Lee Xiang and Kat Ho. But in the land of money nothing can be taken for sure. With the collapse of the American Lehman Brothers the accounts of the company are perhaps not what they seem to be. The two new employees will soon discover the thousand traps and tricks of this world. Sparkling, visually inventive for some, over substance for other, anyhow, “Office” by Johnnie To is a great opportunity to have fun. Introduced in United-States 2015 Toronto International Film Festival- DVD available.