Cool cases : Which is the most convincing?

Par supercigare,
le 5 January 2017

by Hélène Tavera and Régis Colinet

Very convenient, cases allow you to carry at least three cigars of different sizes. Cepos 56 and churchills alike can rest easy alongside a robusto. The choice of cases is limited. We have listed and tested those available today and we give you our verdict.


Do the right thing

We recommend that you leave these cases open for a day or two to stabilize the smell inside. These cases don’t provide the same level of protection as models with preformed inside casings, so make sure your cigars are nice and snug. And watch out for the cedarwood lining, which quickly absorbs all odors, even bad ones!

Good to know

Non-alveolated and with adjustable lengths, all the cases tested are good quality and air-tight, with a cedar or okoumé wood inside lining. The differences in price can be explained essentially by the woodwork and the quality of materials used.

Our criteria

Price, protection afforded to the cigar, storage optimization, finish, aesthetics, and value for money. All cased tested were given marks out of 10.



Soft armada leather with a cedar lining, this case is carbon-fiber reinforced for optimum protection and a modern feel. It is a perfect fit for three cigars; cepos 56, robustos or double-coronas. Stunning quality. Excellent protection and easy to handle. Beautifully finished.