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le 13 February 2024


Are the banks blowing smoke?

This is the kind of crucial decision that most cigar lovers are unlikely to be aware of because they are made secretly by dark-suited bankers in plush offices. Under the cover of “commitments”, “initiatives” and “policies”, more and more European banks have decided to cut ties with the producers and distributors of cigars, refusing to grant loans or renew sometimes long-standing contracts for the simple yet absurd reason that they no longer want to finance tobacco-related businesses.

No, the Asian market has not hoovered up all the habanos!

The successor of legendary entrepreneur David Tang, Dag Holmboe has been CEO of The Pacific Cigar Company (PCC) for 21 years. The PCC vaunts itself as the world’s leading distributor of Cuban cigars in value terms and reigns supreme over the entire Asia-Pacific region (with the notable exception of mainland China). Holmboe talks to the ADC about shortages, the parallel market, and the future of the habano…

The Smoking Jacket – a favorite accoutrement of the stylish smoker

After falling out of fashion for some time, the velvet lounge jacket has been making a comeback in recent years. For devotees of fine garments and good cigars, it just hits that sweet spot where functionality meets elegance.

Backstory: Carlo Corazza

When the Swiss Carlo Corazza established Brun del Ré Cigars, he could have taken the easy route and followed many of his peers to Nicaragua. But his personal background and penchant for originality led him to choose Costa Rica as his base.

Headline Cigar: Alec Bradley Prensado Churchill


Considering the production delays Cuba has accumulated in recent months, regional editions are arriving in their various markets in dribs and drabs. Some of the vintages in the following pages are dated 2020, others 2021 or 2022. But they were all launched in their respective markets recently and/or are still available.

Vintage cigar: La Flor De Cano Predilectos Tubulares (1982)

Launched in the 1940s and sold in a tube, this machine-rolled cigar has a real retro look. It lasted for the entire second half of the 20th century before eventually being dropped by Habanos S.A. in 2002.


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