The Por Larrañaga 47 RE UK to be launched in 47 venues throughout the country

Par La rédaction,
le 5 October 2023

A multi-site event for a churchill reserved for the UK market.

The Por Larrañaga Larrañaga 47 regional edition United Kingdom 2021 will be launched on November 1st during 47 simultaneous events organized in cigar shops and other cigar-friendly venues in the UK selected by Hunters & Frankau, the exclusive Habanos distributor.

The synchronized events will begin at the same time on Wednesday, November 1st, in these 47 locations across the country. Attendees will be encouraged to post pictures and videos on social media throughout the night, using the hashtag #PL47launch.

The vitola (178 mm x 47), known in Cuban factories as julieta n° 2, is quite simply a churchill, the former British Prime Minister’s favorite size.

It will be presented in boxes of 50 units and sold at 72 GBP/unit (87 euros). Only 1,500 boxes (or 75,000 cigars) will be available.


Photos : © Hunters & Frankau