New prices of Cuban cigars in Canada

Par La rédaction,
le 18 January 2023

The increase announced by Habanos SA to its distributors came into effect two days ago.

For many years as director of an important cigar shop, clients regularly asked “Is this cigar really worth $100?”.  The reply was always a variation of “It all depends on what $100 means to you.”  And so, cigar lovers occasionally treated themselves and purchased that special cigar, usually a Behike, a Cohiba or a Gran Reserva.

Today, the answer to that question will be very different. That same $100 cigar has now jumped astronomically to over $200, even $300, and the only factor that changed, is the price tag. Not the quality control, not the guarantee of a perfect draw.

The cigar world is still trying to deal with the unprecedented price increase that shocked the shelves in summer 2022 when prices soared up to 50%. Without enough time for the wound to heal, another massive blow has hit us again with Habanos increasing.  prices once more.  Starting mid-January 2023, another important price increase is in effect in Canada, Cuba and some markets, while France will be spared until March 2023.

To make matters worse, the availability is also very scarce. In Havana in the last week, many shops had boxes of Partagas Serie D No. 4 hidden behind the shelves. In Canada, the offer sheet from Havana House the local distributor barely has enough cigars to fill up a full offer sheet.

We do however love our Cuban cigars, and most will agree that when you land on a properly rolled Cuban, it remains hard to beat.  However, overpaying for a product never feels good.

With all that in mind, below is a list of Cuban cigars that remain “affordable”.


Prices in EURO (in France) // CAD

Bolivar Royal Coronas:  15 € // $45.00

Diplomaticos – No. 2:  15.60€ // $53.00

Fonseca – Delicias:  6.70€ // $15.00

Upmann – Majestic: 14.50€ // $23.00

Juan Lopez – Seleccion No. 2:  14.50€  // $42.60

Por Larranaga – Galanes:  11.60€  // $35.80

Quai D’Orsay – No. 50:  12.90€ // $32.50

Rafael Gonzalez – Panetelas:  4.30€  // $11.80

El Rey Del Mundo – Choix Supreme:  13.60€  // $40.50

Saint Luis Rey – Regios:  12.80€  // $41.20

Vegas Robaina – Famosos:  15.50€  // $42.90


Here is a list of popular and iconic cigars whose prices have simply exploded to illogical levels.

Cohiba – Behike 52:  120€  // $322

Cohiba – Behike 54:  150€  // $423

Cohiba – Behike 56:  165€  // $461

Cohiba – Esplendidos:  93€  // $223

Cohiba – Siglo VI:  79€  // $212

Upmann – Sir Winston: 30.50€ // $100

Hoyo de Monterrey – Le Hoyo de San Juan:  22€  // $70.70

Montecristo – No. 4:  13.30€  // $41.60

Partagas – Serie D No. 4:  18.50€  // $61.50

Romeo Y Julieta – Wide Churchill:  20€  // $70.20


As for Trinidad, it is sad that this brand might very well underperform and be forgotten.  The small sized “Reyes” retails for 32€ // $55.90, with the popular “Vigia” hitting 49€  // $84.00.


It is certainly an interesting time in the cigar industry. However, it does feel like the full storyline has not yet played out – after all, reason always prevails right?  Let’s see what awaits us, with a nice cigar in hand.


Antonio Marsillo, our correspondant in Canada

Photo d’ouverture : La Casa del Habano Windsor Ontario