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Par supercigare,
le 16 February 2017


By Philippe Hupp


Mezcal Meteoro, 45°, 70 cl


The two most emblematic Mexican spirits, mezcal and tequila, are both produced by distilling the juices of an oily plant named the “agave”. What differentiates them is the variety used, their region of origin and, of course, the production method. In this case, the agave espadín hearts are baked in an earth oven then ground using a millstone. Added to water, the resulting paste ferments in cypress barrels before double distillation. This young mezcal is relatively accessible, with delicately smoked lemony notes. Fans of margaritas will love it, but it can also be enjoyed neat. And the clear glass bottle, with its cork stopper and leather strap is also very stylish…


59 €