Balmoral Anejo XO Oscuro Torpedo MK52

Par supercigare,
le 9 July 2019

After the unforgettable XO 18 MK52, here is the XO Oscuro line’s new Torpedo. A complex and powerful smoke.


Wrapper: Mexico

Binder: Dominican Republic

Filler: Dominican Republic, Nicaragua



Price: €12.60


Draped in a silky and appetizing Brazilian wrapper, the MK2 starts off gently with roasted notes of cappuccino, before serving up a few vegetal notes followed by fresh peat. There is already a wide, coherent, and appealing palette of flavors. The second third is more powerful with a longer aftertaste. Indulgent notes of licorice and toasted hazelnuts appear before shifting towards markedly woody flavors (cedar). Increasingly melodic and mellow in the final third, a range of very smooth, well-balanced, and harmonious roasted flavors settle in; a sure sign that the tobacco has been well aged. Satisfying finish.

A well-built cigar with a beautiful progression of flavors. Smokers, to your lighters!


Rate : 4.5 / 5