BREAKING Habanos SA pushes on independent distributors: fewer cigars for Switzerland, Asia and the Middle East

Par La rédaction,
le 30 April 2024

Distributors not fully owned by Habanos expect deliveries to be down 30 to 50% compared to last year.


According to our sources, several Havana distributors which are not 100% owned by Habanos SA have been informed that their deliveries would be significantly reduced from this year.

The Havana-based group has decided to favor distributors which are 100% under Cuban control (like Coprova in France, Laguito 1492 in Benelux or Tabacalera in Spain) to the detriment of independent distributors (Phoenicia, Pacific Cigar) or structures in which Habanos SA partners with another group (Intertabak AG in Switzerland).

“This will mainly affect Phoenicia, Intertabak and Pacific,” confirms a well-informed source. The affected importers were informed by Habanos a few weeks ago. One of them, however, tells us that negotiations are still underway.

Our sources also tell us of tensions between Habanos SA and Villiger group with which it is associated for Fifth Avenue Trading, exclusive importer of Cuban cigars in Germany.

30 to 50% fewer deliveries

On condition of anonymity, representatives of these distributors told us that the announced drop in deliveries was around 30 to 50% compared to last year.

These revelations shed light on the mail sent in mid-April by the Swiss importer Intertabak to its customers and which we obtained: “Until recently, we had every reason to be optimistic about the improvement in the availability of Habanos in 2024, writes Tony Hoevenaars, Managing Director of Intertabak AG. However, the latest news we have received is less favorable than that communicated to us so far and, to our great regret, we must expect lower volumes than in 2023.”


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