USA/Florence : The Swampers Bar & Grill

Par Cigars Connect,
le 18 July 2016

In Florence, in the heart of a wild part of Alabama, which could almost be considered uncouth by a visitor more used to the sophistication of West Coast or East Coast cities, the imposing Marriott Shoals Hotel & Spa spreads its wings and tower since 2005. This huge hotel features a bar, The Swampers, as well as a rich cigar shop where the aficionado can find a Arturo Fuente Hemingway Signature ($ 9), a Rocky Patel Vintage 1999 ($ 10,50), a La Flor Dominicana Oro Chiesel ($ 13), or a Macanudo Portofino ($ 9). One can choose a cigar and then go savor it on the superb terrace and its brasero tables while driking a Clyde’s May, a solid Alabama whiskey.


Location : Marriott Shoals Hotel & Spa, 10 Hightower Place, Florence, Alabama, 35630, USA. / Tel : +1 256-246-3600