Balmoral Puro Dominicana, affordable and accessible

Par La rédaction,
le 13 February 2024

After the Puro Nicaragua range, Balmoral continues to explore different regions with the Puro Dominicana, which came out a few weeks ago in France. There are two cigars in the range: the Petit Robusto FT (109 mm x 48) and the Rothschild Masivo, which particularly caught our eye.


The ADC’s opinion

Balmoral Puro Dominicana
Rothschild Masivo

Made in the Dominican Republic
Wrapper, binder, filler: Dominican Republic
125 mm x 55
Gros robusto
€10 (price in France on Feb 1st, 2024)
Distributed by: STG

A rough maduro wrapper. The cold draw features sweet notes. The draw is loose, and the start is spicy with a few toasted notes; it can get a little hot, but the fire soon fades. The smoke rapidly becomes creamy and serves up woody flavors. Little change going forward. The thick smoke creates a woody and spicy ambience, despite a sometimes-capricious burn. The finish is dominated by wood ash. An affordable cigar with a good flavor profile.

Bands: 3.5