Bottle of the month: Rum born in a French château…

Par supercigare,
le 16 October 2017

by Philippe Hupp

Plantation OFTD Overproof Rum, 69°, 70 cl

Plantation-OFTD-70This extraordinary rum saw the light of day in Ferrand’s Bonbonnet château, in Cognac, France. Alexandre Gabriel brought together six celebrated rum lovers from Paris, London, Chicago, San Francisco and New Orleans to create an Old Fashioned Traditional Dark, meaning it is an uncut amber rum worthy of the heydays of the Royal Navy. For this audacious project – which flouts the cautious age we live in – the talented team collected samples from Barbados, Jamaica and French Guiana. The result is a mahogany-colored, obviously impressively powerful rum but also a beautiful flavor profile boasting notes of coffee, candied orange, rancio, and caramel. Can be slightly brutal when tasted neat but perfect with a splash lime and pineapple juice!