Gin Fishers : a gin from the sea !

Par supercigare,
le 25 May 2017

Gin Fishers, 44°, 50 cl

A aromatic gin ! Spignel, wild celery, chervil, bog myrtle, wood avens, and rock samphire: these are just some of the wild herbs harvested from marshland that make Fishers gin so unique. Created by John McCarthy and distilled in Southwold, Suffolk, where the cliffs overlook the North Sea, it has an unashamedly coastal feel. The recipe, designed by an Oxford University botanist, uses a malted barley base spirit. It’s a clean and powerful London dry – so nothing is added after distillation – that is very well suited to classic cocktails like gin & tonic. A floral nose with spicy first notes. Aniseed and lemon jostle with the aroma of jenever. A beautiful, long and complex finish.

Gin Fishers

50 €

Author : Philippe Hupp