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Is Judo a cigar-friendly sport?

While the cigar seems to have a more natural connection to rugby and golf, we have discovered that there are a great many aficionados in the judo world, particularly among its governing bodies. 

For a start, the president of the ultimate authority, the International Judo Federation (IJF), even has cigars made and sold under his name. As we explored the world of judo, we also encountered other members of the International Federation who like sharing a cigar with “Mr. President,” including Antonio Castro — a sports doctor and chairman of the IJF Medical Commission, and son of Fidel Castro, no less. 

The Enigmatic Min Ron Nee

 The author of a cult book and an authority on vintage Cuban cigars, this Hong Kong-based collector, who passed away in March 2024, cultivated the art of discretion. Who was he really? We try to find out. 

Rocky Patel: Follow The Guide

 L’Amateur de Cigare was lucky enough to visit some of Rocky Patel’s facilities in Nicaragua with the man himself. 

Backstory: Valentino Siesto

In 1998, Italian Valentino Siesto moved to the Dominican Republic, where he discovered cigars. Sixteen years later, he opened his own factory in Tamboril and gave his name to a line of premium cigars. These cigars were launched in France a few weeks ago. 

Headline Cigar: CAO Pilon Robusto Extra

Reviews: The summer of the Churchill

Vintage cigar: Bolivar Gold Medal (2009)

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