L’Amateur de Cigare English Edition #5 is online!

Par La rédaction,
le 24 November 2021


  • Black Cigars Matter
    African Americans are the second largest consumers of cigars in the USA. The legacy of segregation, however, appears to live on even in smoking lounges, where different ethnic communities rarely mix.
  • Backstory: It all began with Ziqui
    The son of Mao’s official interpreter, Wang Zheng introduced the Chinese to Cuban puros. A cigar lover with a remarkable story.
  • What Determines the Taste of a Cigar?
  • Painting: Man Ray’s Cigar by Andy Warhol
  • Headline Cigar: Davidoff Year of the Tiger
  • Reviews: Christmas with Shorts
  • Showdown Between Two Statesmen


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