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Par supercigare,
le 20 November 2018

Specially made for L’Amateur de Cigare, this lighter and this ashtray proudly display the colors of the magazine. Limited edition products, they are available online and delivered everywhere!

Rechargeable Torch Lighter 50 € (shipping included)

Yellow [wp_cart_button name=”B-jaune” price=”50.00″]

Blue [wp_cart_button name=”B-bleu” price=50.00″]

Black [wp_cart_button name=”B-noir” price=”50.00″]


Ceramic ashtray 80 € (shipping included)

Green [wp_cart_button name=”C-vert” price=”80.00″]

White [wp_cart_button name=”C-blanc” price=”80.00″]

Grey [wp_cart_button name=”C-gris” price=”80.00″]