Birth of the Cigar Academy

Par La rédaction,
le 25 March 2024

In order du “safeguard, nurture and disseminate the rich artisanal heritage and traditional knowledge of cigare making”, two industry figures are launching the Cigar Academy.

Ricardo Carioni (à gauche) et Thomas Gryson, les deux cofondateurs de la Cigar Academy.

“We invite all cigar makers to join the Cigar Academy to help us scale up access to cigar education for all, from cigar professionals to policy makers and regulators”, says Ricardo Carioni, co-founder at the Cigar Academy. The launch of this academy was announced on the first day of the PCA trade show in Las Vegas this Friday, March 22. “Ultimately, education is our strongest weapon against misled regulations, and to help us protect and nurture the true cigar culture of our forefathers”, he adds.

The Cigar Academy aims to become “the premier source of cigar education, offering a rigorous curriculum certified by legendary cigar makers”, reads the press release. “Cigar professionals can now access an unparalleled learning experience, akin to those provided by leading academic, governmental, and corporate institutions”.

Three levels of certification

“Our objective is clear: to provide professionals with unparalleled access to knowledge and education directly from the experts of the industry,” stated Thomas Gryson, co-founder at the Cigar Academy.

The two organizers are planning three levels of certification: the first, via online learning courses, will be aimed at newcomers and professionals with a little experience in the world of cigars; the two upper levels will be launched later and will include in-person workshops, including in producing countries.

Thomas Gryson is Export ands Travel Retail Manager at VCF (Oliva, Cain, Nub, Aliados). Ricardo Carioni held important positions at Tor Imports (the main importer of New World cigars in the United Kingdom) and Gesinta (importer and distributor of cigars in Spain). He now devotes himself full time to the Cigar Academy.