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Par La rédaction,
le 10 February 2023




There is no reason why the cigar world would escape the widespread inflation that is affecting all four corners of the world, but Cuban cigar lovers thought that they had already paid their share with the “hammer blow” they received last July (see L’ADC English edition #8 and #9). Habanos S.A.’s Chinese shareholders, who have embarked on a commercial policy whose purpose still eludes us, have decided otherwise.

Exclusive Report: Rebuilding Vuelta Abajo

Hurricane Ian caused considerable damage when it swept through the west of Cuba on September 27, 2022, particularly in the heartland of the Cuban tobacco industry, Vuelta Abajo. Four months later, L’Amateur went to see how the vegueros are rebuilding.


Rick Rodriguez’s new venture

After 25 years with the world’s leading handmade cigar manufacturer, CAO’s former brand ambassador caused a stir last spring, first announcing his departure from STG and then, a few weeks later, the launch of his own brand, West Tampa Tobacco.


Headline cigar: Macanudo Inspirado Orange Lancero

Review: 10 new cigars

Vintage: Partagas Charlottes


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