Cuba: Hurricane Idalia caused some damage to tobacco facilities

Par La rédaction,
le 4 September 2023

More than 60 dryers have been partially or totally destroyed, according to the official Cuban press.

Heavily hit by Cyclone Ian last year, the region of Pinar del Rio (west) was again hit by a hurricane at the beginning of last week, even if the damage was less extensive.

The roofs of 13 natural dryers were partially damaged, as were 47 mechanical dryers (cura controlada) in the municipality of Sandino (80 km southwest of Pinar del Rio), announces Granma, the official daily newspaper of the Cuban Communist Party . Furthermore, nine storage centers (escogidas) and five dryers have collapsed, adds Granma without specifying in which municipality.

In September 2022, Hurricane Ian devastated the Vuelta Abajo region, the heart of tobacco production intended for premium cigars. The areas for the following harvest (November 2022-March 2023) in this region of Pinar del Rio had to be considerably reduced, in particular due to a lack of facilities set up again to dry tobacco (see L’ADC English edition #11 and #12).



Photo : © Granma